The Spoonbill Generator

Nor Eric Nor Unshaven Shirts

Give a man sufficient rope [loaf]

And something large to tow [F]

Or else a monstrous gyroscope [Roland]

and a willingness to grow [Big Andy]

Then take away his trumpet [loaf]

and leave in its place a kazoo [Big Andy]

The oaf will have to lump it [loaf]

Or whine to you-know-who [Irene Adler]

Give a lass a putty knife [Simon Sly]

And white epoxy glue [Ventnor]

Or else a needless afterlife [Roland]

wearing only one high-heeled shoe [Big Andy]

The snatch away her reason [Roland]

And leave in its place a desire [TG]

To spend a solemn season [Roland]

Wallowing in the mire [F]

Give a foetus half a chance [Roland]

To learn its alphabet [F]

And it will lead a merry dance [Roland]

And preen like a coquette [F]

So seize its education [Roland]

Remember Montessori [F]

And celebrate it cerebration [asdf]

Watching Jackanory [loaf]

Contributors: loaf, F, Roland, Big Andy, Irene Adler, Simon Sly, Ventnor, TG, asdf.
Poem finished: 17th November 2003 by Anon..