The Spoonbill Generator

Captain Of My Land

Happy ever after? Well, at least until that day [TG]

When Thanatos has marked us in the diary [Roland]

And happiness is relative, or so the sages say [TG]

Whenever there's an inquest or enquiry [Roland]

Cinderella hadn't known her Prince was Charming just in name [TG]

Hadn't known the pumpkin carriage wouldn't prove to be the same [Roland]

But "happy ever after" says the fable, so she sighs [Beefy ]

He moccasins are double-glazed there ought to be a prize [Roland]

For playing what turned out to be a most demanding game [TG]

On the never-never? Well, at least until they call [Roland]

To tell us that the panic days are over [TG]

If you have a nest-egg, then short will be your fall [Roland]

And you may tint your 'specs a little mauver [TG]

Snow White hadn't known the dwarfs were seven only in her mind [Roland]

Hadn't known the "wicked" Queen was only trying to be kind [TG]

But "happy ever after" says the fable, so she turns [Roland]

Resigns herself to waiting, no matter how she yearns [TG]

To bite the proferred apple with its strychnine-flavoured rind [Roland]

Once upon a time, you say? Well, not this year at least [TG]

Unless eclipses augur something better [Roland]

If you strive for beauty, 'ware the number of the beast [TG]

And always disavow the Scarlet Letter [Roland]

Red Riding Hood had never known that wolves could seem so nice [TG]

Hadn't dreamt that granny could devour her in a trice [Roland]

But "happy ever after" says the fable, so she skips [TG]

With heart as blythe and happy as on all her forest trips [Roland]

To win her way to adulthood, with innocence the price [TG]

Envoi [Roland]

Happy ever after - reality or dream? [TG]

Fairy tales: exactly what they seem. [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Beefy.
Poem finished: 16th November 2003 by TG.