The Spoonbill Generator

Shaking Moon Teabag

There was a spoonbiller so svelte [Francine]

She ate not a crumb that she smelt [Kansas Sam]

She got so damn thin [Francine]

That the jeans she was in [Ethetran]

Hit the floor when she tightened her belt [Kansas Sam]

There was a spoonbiller so shrewd [Padfoot]

He saved each teabag that he brewed [Karin]

The tea got so weak [Kansas Sam]

He gave it a tweak [Apsley]

Then did something terribly lewd [Francine]

There was a spoonbiller so slick [Kansas Sam]

He typed with a sharpened toothpick [Francine]

Never missing a key [Nym]

Quite the poet was he [Karin]

Enough to make anyone sick [N]

There was a spoonbiller so smart [Karin]

The tune "Ode to Joy" he could fart [N]

He'd eat lots of beans [Karin]

Wear tight-fitting jeans [N]

And then the concert would start [Karin]

Contributors: Francine, Kansas Sam, Ethetran, Padfoot, Karin, Apsley, Nym, N.
Poem finished: 7th November 2003 by Anon..