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Rather A Pain For The Fairy

A piece of verse should pierce the soul [Apsley]

Or prop the lids, at least [Kansas Sam]

That overpeer our sleeping-roll [loaf]

And wish that ill-rhymed doggerel was stringently policed [Ethetran]

Some wish that they were six feet deep [Apsley]

And others, six feet wide [Roland]

In stockinged feet, yet never weep [Apsley]

For snoozing lost while counting sheep, when pomes would not subside [Kansas Sam]

And in the morning, side by side [loaf]

With penguins at the foot, [Apsley]

We take our monkeys for a ride [Ethetran]

To throw a dart at stocks aside the bestest call or put [Kansas Sam]

A monkey up a fratboy's butt [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

With ice skates on his feet [Ethetran]

Caused a suppurating cut [Dassn't Say]

And made the little college brat piercingly bleat [Francine]

The canyon walls begin to breathe [Ventnor]

The river sighs again [Grayman]

Pacha Mama starts to seethe [Ethetran]

Her dachshund stinks of gin [Ventnor]

Did these verses pierce the soul? [Beefless]

Don't ask and we won't tell [Francine]

That piercing never was goal [Kansas Sam]

In truth , it's just as well [(trad)]

Contributors: Apsley, Kansas Sam, loaf, Ethetran, Roland, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Dassn't Say, Francine, Ventnor, Grayman, Beefless, (trad).
Poem finished: 6th November 2003 by Anon..