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Hypochondria Isn't The Harlot's Proof

I think I have a broken leg [Irene Adler]

I think my spleen is leaking [Dassn't Say]

So go at once to Casualty [Apsley]

Now. while I'm still speaking [Irene Adler]

Or I'll inscribe a boiled egg [Apsley]

With love from B B King [loaf]

I know you shudder at this thought, [Apsley]

You quake at the suggestion [loaf]

All of the way to Casualty [Apsley]

With fatal indigestion [loaf]

From eggs and B B's boiled smeg [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

That would not come to question. [loaf]

You, then, with your injuries, [Apsley]

Who fail to see the pattern [loaf]

Will find your way to Casualty? [Apsley]

Inscribe your eggs in Latin? [loaf]

Throw your diamonds on a keg - [Apsley]

And go and let the cat in. [loaf]

Contributors: Irene Adler, Dassn't Say, Apsley, loaf, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 3rd November 2003 by Apsley (as himself).