The Spoonbill Generator

Pointy Sticks With Hats

Shall I compare thee to an Autumn's day? [Ethetran]

The fairness of thy countenance beguiles [Grayman]

The way thy dandruff falls like leaves just riles [Dassn't Say]

As does thy mixture of meters and styles [Karin]

Alack and alas! Oh eheu! Wellaway! [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Shall I compare thee to a picket fence? [Dassn't Say]

Thou art more whitewashed and more pointed [F]

Thy gate won't open at the time appointed [Grayman]

At least thy hinge is double-jointed [Ethetran]

But thou art just as dense [Grayman]

Shall I compare thee to a garden hose? [Kansas Sam]

Thou art greener and more waterlogged [Irene Adler]

Thy spray doth leave the air both damp and fogged [Beefless]

A tendency toward wetness thou hast jogged [F]

Any kink can halt they flows [Kansas Sam]

Shall I compare thee to a boiled egg? [F]

Thou explodeth in the microwave [Kansas Sam]

Smooth thou art and never need a shave [F]

Cracking under pressure, yet still brave [Kansas Sam]

Exonerated by the Hague [F]

Shall I compare thee to a cup of tea? [Padfoot]

Warm thou seem, though there's a bag deep down [Grayman]

And in your sweet infusion it doth drown [Dassn't Say]

Repelling chill with creamy shades of brown [Irene Adler]

Drank too much, now I gotta pee [Anon.]

Shall I compare thee to a forest fire? [Olethros]

Thou dost burn destructively and hot [Irene Adler]

Thy breath leaves behind a vacant lot [Kansas Sam]

Most would hope you soon would be forgot [Irene Adler]

Thou are suited best to a funeral pyre [Karin]

Shall I compare thee to an ancient knight? [Irene Adler]

Thy loins are armored and I can't get through [Dassn't Say]

Aha! Use the can-opener is what I'll do [F]

Oops - I think this part has a left-hand screw [Ethetran]

I can't go that way, try as I might [Irene Adler]

Shall I compare thee to a piece of cheese? [Ethetran]

Thou art Swiss and full of holes [Irene Adler]

Limp and docile between my whole wheat rolls [F]

I am allergic, thou makest me wheeze. [Irene Adler]

Contributors: Ethetran, Grayman, Dassn't Say, Karin, Kevin Andrew Murphy, F, Kansas Sam, Irene Adler, Beefless, Padfoot, Anon., Olethros.
Poem finished: 30th October 2003 by Anon..