The Spoonbill Generator

Just A Hog

There once was a pervert named Mick [Randy]

Who often would use his dipstick [F]

Not the one in his car [Randy]

but the one in his jar [Anon.]

Caused his wife had just pickled his dick. [Randy]

Old Mick had himself a pet hog [Anon.]

more usefull, he found, than a dog [Jon Day]

Cause a hog has a hole [Randy]

and will easily roll [Jon Day]

Over in the clover for a snog [Randy]

Now think about this for a sec [Anon.]

Mick had a gargantuan neck [Jon Day]

The better to goose with [Randy]

And tie up a noose with [Jon Day]

Old Mick sure had a stacked deck [Randy]

So a pickle, a hog, and old Mick [Jon Day]

Had a picnic with old Mick's big dick [Randy]

That voluptuous pig [Jon Day]

stopped to light up a cig [Anon.]

Then the pig lighted up old Mick's whick [Randy]

Luckily the Cops were near by [Anon.]

to put that sow back in her sty [Jon Day]

With the sweetest "Come Hither!" [Anon.]

She coaxed them back with her [F]

And left Mick's toasted pickle to fry. [Jon Day]

Now the moral of this sorry tale [Randy]

We will dispense before it becomes stale [Jon Day]

If your a dirty old perv [Randy]

With a pickle to serve [Jon Day]

Find a sow cause a hog is a male! [Randy]

Contributors: Randy, F, Anon., Jon Day.
Poem finished: 21st October 2003 by Anon..