The Spoonbill Generator

Disease Me

When one would look into your eye [Tristan]

And two look down your throat [F]

You knew you had seen the famed Siamese optometricotorhinolaryngologist triplets [Kansas Sam]

They're world-renowned; I would not lie
And all three share one coat [F]

When one would say "Mud in your eye!" [Beefy ]

And two would tar and feather [Ethetran]

You've met the schzoid tripolar personality known as "Old Chicken Giblets" [Beefy ]

You'd best avoid them; would that I [Ethetran]

Had sidestepped them forever [Grayman]

When one sip is far from enough [Beefy ]

And two just leave you yearning [Karin]

You've contracted the now pandemic Vishnuhaddanudderbrewski Syndrome [Dassn't Say]

You run around, soused, in the buff [ F]

And stomachs you'll be turning [quasi]

Contributors: Tristan, F, Kansas Sam, Beefy, Ethetran, Grayman, Karin, Dassn't Say, quasi.
Poem finished: 19th October 2003 by Anon..