The Spoonbill Generator

Lobbyists In Spoonland

Reverend Spooner, twice a day, [Ethetran]

Would have his tea and strumpets [F]

Hed whop his cords (as well he may) [Padfoot]

And eat his coast and trumpets [Beefy ]

From day to day he'd craft peat nuns [Padfoot]

And bite them in his rook [Beefy ]

He'd suckle at the chilly ones [Grayman]

Whilst nosy in his cook [archaeopteryx]

To get some air, he'd wake a talk [Kansas Sam]

Across the bark and pack [Ethetran]

With trusty choir and drawing squawk [Anon.]

And puffins in his mac [Beefy ]

The grids all loved his wicked kin [Kansas Sam]

And ancient howler bat [Beefy ]

And how they loved to gyp his sin [archaeopteryx]

Then prick him in the kat. [Karin]

On Sundays he would grow the mass [Kansas Sam]

He used his mush power [quasi]

At passes he would make a lass [F]

Who then would share but glower [Kansas Sam]

At night he would beep in his sled [Padfoot]

Or else stamp out under the cars [Beefy ]

But first he would gray to his pod [archaeopteryx]

For forgiveness for bin-joints and scars [Beefy ]

The Reverand sieves a righteous germon [archaeopteryx]

Laying down his coral mode [Padfoot]

Like the Shunner in a german [Beefy ]

"Take the rate and narrow strode" [Ethetran]

Contributors: Ethetran, F, Padfoot, Beefy, Grayman, archaeopteryx, Kansas Sam, Karin, quasi.
Poem finished: 15th October 2003 by Karin.