The Spoonbill Generator

Relentless Knishes

There was an old lady from Wales [F]

Whose skin was all covered with scales [Karin]

She said, "I'm a fish" [F]

"I go well with knish" [Karin]

"As long as you don't mind entrails" [archaeopteryx]

There was an old gent from Leeds [Karin]

Who liked to grow acorns from seeds [Kansas Sam]

His oak was so mighty [archaeotperyx]

It made him feel flighty [F]

That he left for a life with the reeds [Kansas Sam]

There once was a gal from Ohio [F]

Who fibbed when she wrote up her bio [Kansas Sam]

She said she was thin [F]

And never touched gin [Karin]

But smelled and looked like a silo [F]

There was a young lad from Bermuda [Karin]

Who wrote poems just like Neruda [F]

His Spanish was poor [Grayman]

He had a bedsore [F]

His motives were oft misconstrued-a [Ethetran]

An earnest young scholar from Perth [Beefy ]

Read Milton for all she was worth [Ethetran]

By indulging in vice [Beefy ]

She found, in a trice, [Ethetran]

It just made her helpless with mirth [Grayman]

I once knew a gal from Korea [archaeopteryx]

Who had one relentless idea [Roland]

Whilst roasting some poodles [Padfoot]

She thought "I'll make oodles [Beefy ]

Selling rice paper lamps to Ikea" [archaeopteryx]

Contributors: F, Karin, archaeopteryx, Kansas Sam, archaeotperyx, Grayman, Ethetran, Beefy, Roland, Padfoot.
Poem finished: 14th October 2003 by Anon..