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Honestly, If Anyone Dares Mention Earwax Again...

Among the elbows, as a rogue [Roland]

I'd often go a-shoving [Grayman]

On my pogo stick I'd poge [Ethetran]

Above the clouds, as is the vogue [Beefy ]

For I was nature-loving [Grayman]

Amidst the fracas, as a frump [F]

I'd often go a-dipping [Beefy ]

On my head there is a lump [F]

The product of a well-aimed thump [Beefy ]

A drama I found gripping [F]

Around the houses, as a gnome [Grayman]

I'd often go a-fishing [Padfoot]

Off my beer I'd blow the foam [Beery]

To see the beer-fish in their home [fester]

Get drunk and end up kishing [Beefy ]

Aside the engines, as a tramp [Kansas Sam]

I'd often go a-touring [F]

On my own, with just a lamp [Beefy ]

I'd slide upon a slippery ramp [F]

I found the life alluring [Grayman]

Among the mermaids, as a fish [F]

I'd often go a-wooing [fester]

I never got my fondest wish [Grayman]

To gain a taste of such a dish [Beefy ]

As Neptune's chef was brewing [Grayman]

Among the nurses, as a clown [Betty]

I'd often shake maracas [Grayman]

With my trousers falling down [Fatty]

And a badly painted frown [Padfoot]

I'd seltzer-ize their knockas [Kansas Sam]

Above the meadow, as a kite [Beefy ]

I'd often go a-sailing [Kansas Sam]

I like gliding when in flight [fester]

But the wind ain't always right [Kansas Sam]

And then a cab I'm hailing [F]

Contributors: Roland, Grayman, Ethetran, Beefy, F, Padfoot, Beery, fester, Kansas Sam, Betty, Fatty.
Poem finished: 9th October 2003 by Beefy.