The Spoonbill Generator

Arts Other Than Those I Cherish

A gerbil in a racing car [Padfoot]

May look quite cute, but won't get far [Beefy ]

Unless he's got asbestos clothes [Dassn't Say]

(But where can gerbils purchase those?!) [P]

The hamster working in the pits [Ethetran]

Will surely find that nothing fits [Beefy ]

For rodent overalls are rare [Padfoot]

(And pointless, given all that hair) [Beefy ]

A goldfish in a tanning booth [Kansas Sam]

Was trying to reclaim her youth [Padfoot]

She should have stopped at golden brown [Kansas Sam]

(Before she started slimming down) [b]

A tadpole trained in martial arts [Ethetran]

Can slice a worm in several parts [Beefy ]

Unless that worm knows Kae Kwon Do [Dassn't Say]

(That's really quite unlikely, though) [Ethetran]

A dormouse blessed with second sight [P]

Will cast your horoscope at night [F]

The accuracy's guaranteed [Ethetran]

(Once to the bill you do accede) [N]

Contributors: Padfoot, Beefy, Dassn't Say, P, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, b, F, N.
Poem finished: 2nd October 2003.