The Spoonbill Generator

The Pretentious Structures For Tasting My Oeuvre

At Halifax, the Muses gather round [loaf]

Picnicking--with cole slaw, deviled eggs [F]

Each one floats six inches off the ground [Ethetran]

(To walk would just play havoc with their legs) [Beefy ]

Have they drunk too much? The empty kegs [Ethetran]

In artful disarray betoken mirth [Beefy ]

Such uncouth souls have drained the very dregs [Ethetran]

Each sullying that paradise on Earth [Beefy ]

Xanadu, we fear, has given birth [Ethetran]

To hellish looms and dark sat*nic mills [loaf]

Relentlessly discarding aught that's worth [Beefy ]

A thousand mottoes from ten thousand quills [Roland]

Ceaselessly, the Muses' meal enfouls [Ethetran]

The world of Art - now naught but loosened bowels [Beefy ]

Contributors: loaf, F, Ethetran, Beefy, Roland.
Poem finished: 1st October 2003.