The Spoonbill Generator

Have the Patience of the Broken

I'm building castles in the sky [N]

And castles in the sand [F]

I know they'll wash away [N]

There's nothing that will stand [F]

But if only for today [N]

My dreams are realized [F]

There is but you and I [N]

A construct I have prized [F]

I'm constructing pipe dreams [N]

And hope they will not fade [F]

I fashioned them with care [N]

And dearly have I paid [F]

If only for tomorrow [Ethetran]

My visions will endure [Beefy ]

You, me and St Bruno [fester]

A trinity most pure [Beefy ]

Contributors: N, F, Ethetran, Beefy, fester.
Poem finished: 30th September 2003.