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Camelot - an Ongoing Investigation

Long, long ago, in Camelot [fester]

A knight there was, hight Lancelot [Beefy ]

Yclept that name, the legend goes [Dassn't Say]

Because his lance reached to his toes [fester]

Or maybe 'twas another spot... [Irene Adler]

A likely legend, God wot, God wot [Dassn't Say]

A most unlikely twisted plot [N]

A tale of man, woman and rose [e]

As well as all their sundry foes [F]

And, too, the Lady of Shalott [fester]

Don't forget the wizard called Merlin [Padfoot]

All kinds of spells he kept unfurlin' [Beefy ]

Turning dung into pies [Padfoot]

'Fore your very eyes [snood]

With his wand which was twisting and twirlin' [Padfoot]

Lance had designs on Guinevere [Beefy ]

Putting to bed all rumours he's queer [Padfoot]

But how to win this beauteous prize? [Beefy ]

Put drugs in her drink then blindfold her eyes [Padfoot]

And cart her off to Windermere [Beefy ]

Contributors: fester, Beefy, Dassn't Say, Irene Adler, N, e, F, Padfoot, snood.
Poem finished: 26th September 2003.