The Spoonbill Generator

Minstrels Really Know

The Troubadour was travelling, his merry band in tow [N]

We had to rein them in, you see; they had no furbelow [F]

Objected they most noisily; their cries were but in vain [N]

The one who played Maid Marian was really quite insane [F]

The Troubadour was most upset, his voice was all a-quiver [N]

His falsetto tones sent up our backs a most disturbing shiver [F]

"I'll have you know I'm well-renowned: a hero in my land" [N]

Although, to be quite honest, his perfomance had been panned [Anon.]

The course to take was all too clear; there'd have to be a trial [N]

But what was most disturbing, the troupe began to smile [F]

You somehow got the sense from them; they'd done all this before [N]

And witnesses would have to purchase tickets at the door [Ethetran]

Contributors: N, F, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 22nd September 2003.