The Spoonbill Generator

Regardless of Their Appearance

The haiku beckons [F]

The High Priest reckons [Roland]

Hey, five seven five [F]

Old inhibitions [smrtypnts]

Yearn for their exhibitions [Kansas Sam]

Alas, emissions [F]

Try swashbuckling [smrtypnts]

But first buy a stout frigate [F]

Then 'yarr' all day long [N]

Adulteration [smrtypnts]

Of an accepted art form [Karin]

Unacceptable [F]

Samoan poets [Kansas Sam]

Will never be household names [Karin]

What a doggone shame [F]

Rubidium clocks [Kansas Sam]

Timepieces that mock us all [F]

I own six of them [Karin]

Antidepressants [F]

Or a smack in the noggin? [Karin]

I'll let you decide [smrtypnts]

Let me be real clear [F]

I have no time for your woes [N]

Self-involved am I [F]

Refrigerators [zednought]

Often haunt my waking dreams [F]

Imperceptibly [snood]

Contributors: F, Roland, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam, N, Karin, zednought, snood.
Poem finished: 20th September 2003.