The Spoonbill Generator

My Blotter

The ink was barely dry upon the page [N]

When Rorschach snapped his pencil in a rage [Roland]

"These shapes I see - they drive me mad!" [N]

"They swirl in acts that Mom forbad!" [Kansas Sam]

What is in the eye of the beholder [F]

Well some say beauty - I'll be somewhat bolder: [N]

Rorschach claimed it was the ugly truth [F]

That inky spots obsess the shrinky sleuth [Kansas Sam]

Blots and splotches, Freudian folderol [F]

I hate to say such tripe, but overall, [N]

You're just as likely to assess the psyche [Beefy]

By looking at what's in your baby's diapy [smrtypnts]

Contributors: N, Roland, Kansas Sam, F, Beefy, smrtypnts.
Poem finished: 18th September 2003.