The Spoonbill Generator

A Meadowlark Crumbling in Basalt

A costive agent knows too well [Roland]

The value of his wares [Nym]

He finds it hard to ever sell [dok]

His over-ripened pears [F]

The bees, though, were ripe for a sale [Kansas Sam]

Drowning in their honey [N]

And buzzing madly to impale [F]

Some unsuspecting bunny [N]

But bunnies quickly replicate [F]

And cottontails abound [N]

Their numbers rapidly inflate [Grayman]

Soon they blanket the ground [N]

But still they cannot match the bees [Grayman]

Whose queen still wears the crown [Kansas Sam]

Swarming in the summer breeze [N]

And hunting rabbits down [dok]

Contributors: Roland, Nym, dok, F, Kansas Sam, N, Grayman.
Poem finished: 17th September 2003.