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One Less Day to Remember

Journal Entries [Anon.]

Jan 01 [Ethetran]

I resolve to keep this journal assiduously [Beefy]

Jan 04 [Ethetran]

Ye gods - Where DOES the time go? [Grayman]

Well, where do I begin - too much to tell, I'll finish this later [Beefy]

Feb 10 [Ethetran]

Had amnesia since the accident on 2/11, thought reading this would jog my memory [archaeopteryx]

Feb 11 [Ethetran]

Spirit of Anais Nin informed me that my attempts at journal keeping are pathetic [Anon.]

Apr 01 [Ethetran]

Toyed with blogging. But computers shouldn't know my inner thoughts. [Kansas Sam]

Jan 01 [Beefy]

My New Year's resolution: [F]

Enjoy letting life slip away [Kansas Sam]

Jan 02trichroisms trilateralisms [N]

I may doing something rash--compose a symphony or jump off a ten-story building [F]

Or just stay here by the fire ...hmmm [Beefy]

Apr 4 [Dassn't Say]

Nobody seemed to appreciate my "April Fools" jokes yesterday. I'll stop soon. [Kansas Sam]

Dec 25 [Q]

today will be a wonderful day, opening presents, sharing love [Anon.]

I'm so depressed. No one showed up, so I smashed all the ornaments [F]

Got a tiny piece lodged between my big toe and the next one. Ouch! [archaeopteryx]

and to think christmas in an asylum could turn out this way, with nonstop laughs [Josh Hill]

Jan 01 [Grayman]

I resolve to keep this journal assiduously [Beefy]

Jan 02 [Grayman]

I can't help feeling I've been here before [Beefy]

But maybe it was some other bloke [Roland]

Contributors: F, Ethetran, Beefy, Grayman, archaeopteryx, Kansas Sam, N, Dassn't Say, Q, Anon., Josh Hill, Roland.
Poem finished: 11th September 2003.