The Spoonbill Generator

On The Toes

Ode to Doctor Atkins

Ive just seen my feet for the first time in years [Anon.]

"Hello, little piggies," I bellow [F]

They curl so sweetly and emanate a festive punky smell [Dassn't Say]

That makes me come over all mellow [Beefy]

I count them, wiggle them, hear them squeal in delight [Anon.]

Hmm, is that my imagination or do they look kinda yellow? [Karin]

And why is the nail on my big toe purple? [Dassn't Say]

I'm a masochistic podophiliac fellow. [dok]

Contributors: Less Beefy, F, Dassn't Say, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Karin, dok, .
Poem finished: 11th September 2003.