The Spoonbill Generator

Sequoia's Lawyers

The sycamore's riposte [P]

The aspen's quiv'ring sigh [TG]

The chestnut's dream of what's to come [P]

The willow's drooping eye [Roland]

The hornbeam's pelt embossed [P]

The baobab so glum ... [Roland]

The oak's reputed smile [P]

The rowan's knowing leer [Roland]

The redwood's unabating span [TG]

The hazel's scream of fear [Roland]

The copper beech's guile [TG]

The baobab so wan ... [Roland]

If we can learn the sercret of the baobab, we'll know [TG]

What force prevents the marmoset from swinging to and fro [Roland]

The truth is to be found in "Old Sequoia's Forest Lore" [TG]

So woodman, spare that axe ... unless Tom Sawyer's been before [Roland]

Contributors: P, TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 8th September 2003.