The Spoonbill Generator

Our Snotty Pim

I bought a cute puppet named Pim [F]

On a rather mercurial whim [Anon.]

My children he scared [F]

The neighbours all stared [N]

Turned out, he spoke just like Nym [F]

He starred in my own puppet show [N]

Square dancing a lot--do-si-do [F]

He yodelled away [N]

We started to pray [F]

To Broadway we'd finally go! [N]

Then one day my agent did call [Karin]

And told me that this coming Fall [N]

We would get our own show [Karin]

But Pim said, "Oh, no" [F]

"I'm no good in public at all" [N]

Puppets who are independent [F]

Get snotty when they become ascendant [Karin]

I had to smack him [F]

And truly attack Pim [Karin]

I killed him. Indeed, that did end it [Anon.]

Contributors: F, N, Karin, .
Poem finished: 2nd September 2003.