The Spoonbill Generator

Even Time Will Have to Tread the Path

A thousand opportunities [N]

And very little time [F]

What is a man supposed to do [Nym]

His life unfolds along but a single path [Randy]

His fate determined by the gods of chance [Beefy]

Foolishly, he applies formulae to nature's chaos [Anon.]

Believing he's the master of his destiny [Beefy]

When in truth he is held in thrall [Roland]

By a cruelly entropic cosmos [Anon.]

And even his dog doesn't respect him [Dassn't Say]


But wait, there's more: [Anon.]

He rails against the world [baoloa]

And shakes his fist heavenward [Karin]

The gods glance down, snigger at his tantrum [F]

Yet he does that, over and over again [A]

And refuses to see the futility of his wrath [N]

Or that he is the debris of indifferent forces [F]

Only inside his heart there is purpose [N]

A delusion that fuels his existence [F]

And gives him reason to fight on [N]

Contributors: N, F, Nym, Randy, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Roland, Dassn't Say, Anon., baoloa, Karin, A.
Poem finished: 1st September 2003.