The Spoonbill Generator

Dressed To Curl

Staring blankly through the glass [TG]

At one whom none who knew would pass [P]

Confounded by the leaded lights [Roland]

And fearful of unending nights [P]

The lonely mourner stands [TG]

Not for her the crimson hat [Roland]

Not for her the casual chat [TG]

Staring glumly through the murk [Roland]

At two who in the shadows lurk [TG]

Colluding in the cloister dim [Roland]

With collar up and downturned brim [TG]

And grimly-wringing hands [Roland]

Not for them the cosy fire [TG]

Not for them the lambent lyre [P]

Contributors: TG, P, Roland.
Poem finished: 29th August 2003.