The Spoonbill Generator

Will Scarlett Ruffled Your Whiskers

Try not to get your knickers in a knot [N]

And smooth your ruffled feathers [F]

Before you absolutely lose the plot [N]

And loosen all your tethers [F]

For the tale that here unfolds [baoloa]

Will bury every hatchet [F]

Within the copious folds [Grayman]

Of ample Mrs. Cratchit [Dassn't Say]

Our tale begins in 'forty-nine [Beefy]

And ends in 'forty-six [Roland]

A curious space-time design [Beefy]

Can you if it fix [Grayman]

And so our tale draws to a close [Ethetran]

Before it really began [sp]

But that's the way it often goes [Beefy]

Bass-ackwards and back hand [Dassn't Say]

If you want to re-tell this tale [smrtypnts]

Be my guest [Beefy]

Contributors: N, F, Baoloa, Grayman, Dassn't Say, Beefy, Roland, Ethetran, sp, smrtypnts.
Poem finished: 28th August 2003.