The Spoonbill Generator

I Am Not The Obsessive Weirdo You Are

I like to spoonbill [Haiku]

Call me a lonely weirdo [F]

That's just who I am [N]

I must googlewhack [F]

Call me an obsessive nut [N]

You obsessive nut [F]

F thinks she funny [N]

N thinks he's superior [F]

K knows she is cool [Karin]

But N is cooler [F]

Was not my contribution [F]

That's obvious, F. [Karin]

Why alphabetize? [F]

On the other hand, why not? [quasi]


The fun never stops [Karin]

No, the fun never started [quasi]

Half full? Half empty? [F]

Ah, pessimism [quasi]

It is what keeps me going [N]

Alas, not for long [quasi]

When I think of you [Karin]

I feel sick to the stomach [N]

Alka Seltzer helps [Karin]

When I see you smile [N]

I see the remnants of meals [Karin]

How very sexy [F]

There's nothing quite like [quasi]

The sight of you in the bath [N]

I thank God for that [Karin]

Contributors: Haiku, F, N, Karin, quasi.
Poem finished: 28th August 2003.