The Spoonbill Generator

"You Are Carbon", We Said

The waves are in turmoil, and strike at the rocks [N]

The world's at a boil and populi's vox [F]

Is crying for help, but nobody cares [Anon.]

And I've heard it said: "C'est la vie, mes freres" [F]

Well what can you do? That's the way that it goes [N]

I think I will get a ring through my nose [F]

I think I will mate with a hollow baboon [loaf]

And down a few whiskeys at Murphy's Saloon [Dassn't Say]

¿Que será, que será? - this we never will know [Anon.]

Until our pyjamas are set all aglow [loaf]

And then we'll cry out adios and adieu [F]

Now we've gone - the remainder is all up to you [N]

Contributors: N, F, loaf, Dassn't Say.
Poem finished: 26th August 2003.