The Spoonbill Generator

Sounds Like the Vampire Abroad

The beating of a distant drum [N]

Alarmed our gathered brigadiers [Kansas Sam]

The dogs of war prick up their ears. [Anon.]

Sharpening their battle spears [DM]

It seemed the fateful hour had come [N]

The plan came to fruition [Kansas Sam]

These men were on mission [N]

To quell the curs' sedition [Kansas Sam]

In groups of ten they set abroad [baoloa]

All eyes upon the prize ahead [Anon.]

With gallant strides they boldly tread [N]

To try bring back a severed head [snortules]

Against the foe they bravely warred [N]

Their battle cries most chilling [F]

They were brutal, they were willing [N]

And relishing the killing [Baoloa]

A bugle call then pierced the din [N]

The warriors looked about [F]

They heard a desperate shout [N]

'Twas what they'd feared--a rout [F]

Running past their wounded kin [baoloa]

They fled into the distant hills [Anon.]

"'Tis what the war-god wills," [F]

Let us home to tend our stills [baoloa]

Contributors: N, Kansas Sam, Anon., DM, baoloa, snortules, F, Baoloa.
Poem finished: 25th August 2003.