The Spoonbill Generator

Why Forgive?

Forgive me if I salivate when Pavlov rings his bell [Dassn't Say]

But dog food is a luscious bait--its taste exceeds its smell! [Anon.]

Forgive me if I hail Big Bro' when telescreens are on [F]

He's such a loving older Bro': my sanity is gone [Dassn't Say]

Forgive, but not forget ... [loaf]

Like in the game of cricket [Anon.]

When the bowler breaks the wicket [K8]

Though the batsman should've hit it [Anon.]

Of dust - this poem just bit it [Anon.]

Contributors: Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, F, loaf, Anon., K8.
Poem finished: 25th August 2003.