The Spoonbill Generator

But a Pizza Means the End of Thunderstorms


End of day is nigh [Beefy ]

Your time is almost up, dear [Karin]

Listen for the "ding" [Kansas Sam]

You are an odd man [N]

Why do you save all your sweat? [Karin]

We've run out of jars [N]

Toejam sickens me [Karin]

Especially when spread on toast [N]

Breakfast is now served. [Karin]

I've lost my porkpie [F]

Maybe I should wear a tam [Karin]

Or a fedora [F]

My uncle is mad [N]

As a hatter on uppers [F]

Whatever that means [N]

A glove on my foot [F]

Fits quite nicely actually [N]

Socks embrace my hands [Dassn't Say]

You look like a rat [N]

slinking down Hopeless Alley [Dassn't Say]

Would you like some cheese? [F]

Your nose is growing [Karin]

Wait, no, your face is shrinking [F]

I hate zoom lenses [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Karin, Beefy, Kansas Sam, N, F, Dassn't Say.
Poem finished: 22nd August 2003.