The Spoonbill Generator

Havoc with Spring-Loaded Crutches

The worm has made our cities black [Kansas Sam]

And cast us into turmoil [N]

Our defence is hopelessly slack [Womble]

In anguish now, we toil [N]

I feel there's little I can do [Womble]

My power has ebbed away [N]

Still, we could drown Bill Gates if you [Anon.]

Could find a nice deserted bay [N]

I've heard there's one real close to where [Kansas Sam]

The eskimos are fishing [N]

So pack your parka, air your spare [Kansas Sam]

We're going on a mission [N]

Tell us, please, Mr. Wily Bill [K8]

One reason not to do you in [N]

We'll ship you off to Blue Screen-ville [Anon.]

Where you can wallow in your sin [N]

The palace isn't far from here [Kansas Sam]

Its fallen pillars beckon [Anon.]

(You see, a Windows engineer [Kansas Sam]

Had somehow failed to reckon [N]

The havoc bugs can wreak when they [Kansas Sam]

Are triggered by a user [N]

So, if a worm should come thy way [smrtypnts]

Tough luck, pal - you're a loser) [N]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, N, Womble, K8, smrtypnts.
Poem finished: 15th August 2003.