The Spoonbill Generator

Sow Succcess

I'm pregnant and I don't know why [Francine]

Perhaps some stranger from the sky [N]

Knocked me up on the sly [Karin]

I feel so bad that I could die [Randy]

Woe is me [Anon.]

I'm Polish and I don't know how [F]

A guy says "Hi", and I'm like a cow [Randy]

Sometimes I think I am a sow [F]

A real porker, let me take a bow [Randy]

Glad am I [Anon.]

I'm wicked and I don't know why [F]

It easy to bribe me with fresh apple pie [Randy]

Or even with a howdy-hi [Francine]

I act as if I was born in a sty [Randy]

Limp am I [F]

So please young man don't give me a chance [Randy]

To burrow deep within your pants [F]

And perchance dance upon your lance [Randy]

Or make some other untoward advance [F]

Sore am I. [Ms. anon]

And so in fairness, I must confess [Randy]

Less is more and more is less [Anon.]

And I'm happier with more than less I guess [Randy]

More will lead to greater success [Ms. anon]

Faux is me [Grayman]


Contributors: Francine, N, Karin, Randy, Anon., F, Ms. anon, Grayman.
Poem finished: 31st July 2003.