The Spoonbill Generator

Lost Lies Under

Under the covers, bodies move [Anon.]

Sensuous choreography [Francine]

Impatient lovers hope to prove [tonedeaf]

That all is not pornography [Francine]

Under the spotlight, young men prance [tonedeaf]

Girls striptease while tambourines [Francine]

Add their rhythms to the dance [Nym]

An unrequited lover keens [Francine]

Over prune danish, housewives gossip [tonedeaf]

A post-freudian sublimation [Francine]

They all concede that life's a tossup [Nym]

And sex a Disney animation [Francine]

Under the floorboards, creatures call. [tonedear]

The mouse, the mouse is calling. [Dassn't Say]

Their mousey cops won't stop the brawl [Kansas Sam]

Nor halt their caterwauling. [td]

Over the hill, the spinster reflects [Kansas Sam]

"Why did I ever dump that guy?" [td]

Now each grey day's dismay dejects [Neil]

"Youth's for the young and the spry" [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Anon., Francine, tonedeaf, Nym, tonedear, Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, td, Neil.
Poem finished: 28th July 2003.