The Spoonbill Generator

People Ran for the Butter

"Relax", I say, but they never obey [Kansas Sam]

"Let it go", I suggest, "Get it off your chest" [Nym]

"It's ok to cry", say I, but they'd just as soon die [Karin]

People are just perverse. [Nym]

"Wait", I berate, but it's not on their slate [Kansas Sam]

"Take a moment to breath", I warn as they seethe [Nym]

"Count to ten", I chide, but patience they deride [Karin]

Yes, kids are people, too. [Kansas Sam]

"Stop" I command - a pointless demand [Nym]

"Peace", I police, but they will not surcease [Kansas Sam]

"Chill", I scold, but on me they turn cold [Karin]

Who are all these people? [Beefy]

"Yell", I impel, and they do so pellmell [Kansas Sam]

"Screech!", I beseech, but they hate when I preach. [td]

"Whine", I assign, and they never decline [Kansas Sam]

These people drive me mad. [Francine]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Nym, Karin, Beefy, td, Francine.
Poem finished: 26th July 2003.