The Spoonbill Generator

Imagination, Fortitude, Cholesterol

Imagine there's no flugle [F (with a nod to Lennon)]

It isn't lard to do [Snood]

No farts below us, [unkempt]

And no decorum too [anon]

Imagine all the beagles [Karin]

Sniffing for today... [Kansas Sam]

Imagine there's no pantries [Karin]

It's easy if you pry, [Kansas Sam]

No one to bake a pie for [Karin]

No pumpernickel, rye [Kansas Sam]

Imagine all the needles [Karin]

Knitting scarves in peace... [Kansas Sam]

Imagine no rap sessions [Karin]

I water when I can. [tonedeaf]

No need for "knowwhati'msaaaayin'?" or "wassup?" [Kansas Sam]

Another use for "man" [Karin]

Imagine all the weasels [Kansas Sam]

Staring at Milton Berle... [Karin]

Some people say I'm a screamer [tonedeaf]

But it's only done in fun [Karin]

I dope someday Yul Brynner [snood]

And the knurled can "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera" as one [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: F (with a nod to Lennon), Snood, unkempt, anon, Karin, Kansas Sam, tonedeaf, snood.
Poem finished: 24th July 2003.