The Spoonbill Generator

Dig it, Bonobos

Fried mice and ferret stew [Nym]

Ovaltine and pots of glue [F]

Toasted fleas and roasted cork [Nym]

Don't forget to bring your spork. [Karin]

Roasted moles and aardvark quiche [F]

Broiled toes and jellied geese [Nym]

Metal shavings and pillow fluff [Karin]

I never can get enough [F]

Scrambled pegs and iced bonobos [Nym]

Yucky bits found up my nose [Karin]

Concrete soup and paper biscuits [N]

Flambeed camels and whatisits [Francine]

Turds and hay, rubble and beak [Nym]

Crotch cheese and a wilted leek [F]

Offal crumble, chocolate mustard [Nym]

An orangutan and a bustard [F]

Pepper pudding, worm tortillas [Nym]

Instant oatmeal, quesadillas [F]

Oily rags and paint thinner [Nym]

Do make a most lucullan dinner [F]

Contributors: Nym, F, Karin, N, Francine.
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.