The Spoonbill Generator

Don't Do Never

Never tip a robot waiter [dodo]

Never whistle in an elevator. [Karin]

Never surf upon a xylophone [Nym]

Never eat a tidal zone [Kansas Sam]

Never boogie in a crater [Nym]

Do, though, listen to your bowels [Kansas Sam]

Do enunciate your vowels [Nym]

Do phone your mother now and then [Francine]

Do keep practising your zen [Nym]

Do change your towels [Kansas Sam]

Never polka on a table [Francine]

Never dig up Betty Grable [Kansas Sam]

Never wear your Mother's trousers [Nym]

Never watch that show of Bowser's [Kansas Sam]

Never climb the tower of Babel [Nym]

Do, though, keep your Karma clean [Kansas Sam]

Do cultivate the java bean [Nym]

Do advocate for Ovaltine [Francine]

Do medicate your ailing spleen [Nym]

Do as told, and not as seen [Kansas Sam]

Never paint your lashes yellow [Nym (F go to QuickTopic)]

Never steal Bill Cosby's jello [Kansas Sam]

Never rot when you can mellow [Francine]

Never steal your best friend's fellow [Karin]

Never whisper, always bellow [Nym]

Do, though, pull my finger, do [Kansas Sam]

Do aspire to be a singer, too [Nym]

Do close your mouth when you chew [Karin]

Do be nice to the kangaroo [Nym]

Do make me say "halloo" [F]

Contributors: dodo, Karin, Nym, Kansas Sam, Francine, F.
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.