The Spoonbill Generator

Tonight delights us lovingly, but ...

The lamps are lit, the table set, the goose is in the oven [Francine]

Tonight we'll have feast, and all my tender lovin' [Nym]

Will move you to forego the feast and pull off your brassiere [F]

(I never really liked the way it made your boobs appear) [Anon.]

But, though you charm me with your wiles, my eye's still on the table [Evan]

I'll look up at your darling face as soon as I am able [unkempt]

But presently my shirt's on fire oh why'd you light that lamp? [Randy]

It may make my nipples pert but give me something damp [archaeopteryx]

Not those, you tart! They won't extinguish fire of this type! [unkempt]

It is my heart that burns, my passion now is ripe [Nym]

My dear, slow down, not quite so fast, is that some wholesome tripe? [Evan]

I've hardly had a chance to rest, and smoke upon my pipe [Nym]

Oh, why, dear, do you look at me as if you thought me mad [Francine]

I've gone to all this effort, now I'm feeling rather sad [Nym]

What can I do to ease your soul and once more make you glad? [Francine]

Let's retire to bed and make this night the best you've ever had! [Nym]

Contributors: Francine, Nym, F, Anon., Evan, unkempt, Randy, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 23rd July 2003.