The Spoonbill Generator

History Repeats Itself Itself Frequently Despite Appearances To The Contrary

Ten thousand men have lost their lives [Nym]

While mopping Taj Mahal [asdf]

They did it just to please their wives [Nym]

Whose pride before their fall [asdf]

Was the undoing of them all [Anon.]

They all signs that said "Wet Floor"--except one mopping man [asdf]

Whose job it was to guard the door [Anon.]

That's where the fall began [asdf (sorry to do 2!)]

The royal prince came to inspect [Nym]

He flung the door wide, and it started [asdf]

His fall went quite unchecked [Nym]

Each fell from the force last imparted [asdf]

Like dominos did those cleaners tumble [Nym]

The prince arose; his eyes were wide [asdf]

He could but barely mumble [Nym]

Yet he giggled so hard that he cried [asdf]

Ten thousand men had fallen [Nym]

But, man, that floor was clean! [asdf]

Fit to hold a ball in [Nym]

And polished to a sheen [F]

Contributors: Nym, asdf, Anon., asdf (sorry to do 2!), F.
Poem finished: 22nd July 2003.