The Spoonbill Generator

The Hopscotches are Growling

The Creature wouldn't seem so bad if only he spoke clearly [asdf]

Despite his garbled, mangled speech, I learned to love him dearly. [Karin]

Abnormal though his brain may be, his heart is sweet and true [asdf]

And yet I knew [snoods]

It would not do [Beefy]

His heart was broke--and so was mine, each time he said "I wruuuuuv wrou" [Kansas Sam]

And incoherently declaimed that all he'd done he'd undo [snoods]

Leprous though his foot may be, his heart's a valentine [F]

Sweet Creaturehood [tonedeaf]

"Fire...goooood" [Kansas Sam]

"Me's feets iz sore, my's schpeech siz poor, but Creature's nots'a demon" [Anon.]

It hit me then!--a heart transplant! And since, I've been a'schemin' [asdf]

To find a willing victim; whose heart was never used [Anon.]

Who's still unbruised [asdf]

I am confused [Anon.]

Such paradox--no unused heart will give itself away! [asdf]

Avarous organ, then how will I find a way? [anon]

The Creature spoke; he said (I think), "Heart be okaaay" [asdf]

Then fell upon the ground, and lifeless did he lay [Nym]

Soon he'll decay [asdf]

I shall not stay [Nym]

Contributors: asdf, Karin, snoods, Beefy, Kansas Sam, F, tonedeaf, Anon., anon, Nym.
Poem finished: 22nd July 2003.