The Spoonbill Generator

Unhealthy Backlash Cliches

I fear my favorite pollywog has indigestion [Frrancine]

(I ought not give her treats before her nap.) [tonedeaf]

May I offer another suggestion? [Karin]

Pollywogs won't thrive on eating crap. [tonedeaf]

Now my teddy bears have caught the flu [Nym]

(Their seams are seeping polyester phelgm) [Francine]

May I again tell you what to do? [Karin]

No, sing for me the national anthem. [Francine]

My fiberglass flamingos have some lice. [tonedeaf]

How they caught them isn't clear [Karin]

May I offer some pertinent advice? [Francine]

Don't stick them in your ear. [Karin]

My kewpie dolls have entered menopause [Francine]

(hot flashes wake them often) [Karin]

May I offer some obvious faux pas? [Francine]

You didn't cover your mouth while coughin'. [Karin]

I have the sickest toybox on the block [tonedeaf]

(it's crawling with diseases) [Karin]

May I offer some words that you can knock? [Francine]

Or some drugs to cure their sneezes? [Nym]

My three-foot Barbie has a case of clap [Francine]

(she surely caught from the postman) [Nym]

May I offer some advice sung in rap? [Francine]

Yo man, I'll do her coast to coast man [Nym]

My jack-in-the-box has developed gout [Karin]

(it shows mostly in his spring) [Nym]

May I proffer the same cliche' I always tout? [Karin]

Put him in a sling [Francine]

Contributors: Frrancine, tonedeaf, Karin, Nym, Francine.
Poem finished: 20th July 2003.