The Spoonbill Generator

Death, Shrug Off the Useless Punctuation

Cholera, my only friend [archaeopteryx]

Will bring me to a bitter end [Randy]

I knew that this life would be short [James Beard]

I cough, I retch,and sometimes snort [Francine]

And yet I can't help wondering [dinosaur]

Is there a grave worth plundering? [Kansas Sam]

The answer only can be found [dinosaur]

When we lie rotting in the ground [Francine]

So when I'm lying six feet under [dinosaur]

I will not hear the crashing thunder [Francine]

My fragile spirit will remain [dinosaur]

Our earthly struggles are in vain [Francine]

I'll leave you with this lonely thought [dinosaur]

When deathly ill or overwrought [Francine]

Just think of all the past has shown you [dinosaur]

And ignore the fact that friends don't phone you [Francine]

The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on [Randy]

In the game of life, you're just a pawn [Francine]

But you"ll become a king or queen [Randy]

When you move on [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: archaeopteryx, Randy, James Beard, Francine, dinosaur, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 18th July 2003.