The Spoonbill Generator

Epic Gorgonzola Quest

In China, once, an Emperor [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Sat motionless, alone, [yog]

The Royal Chow's distemperer [Kansas Sam]

was out of dragon bone [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

But in its lack, he had no plan [Kansas Sam]

save the stone of Peng Lai [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

But that, he used with great elan [scientist]

To hunt for the dragon-bone guy [Kansas Sam]

The apothecary was out of town [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Just past the Great Shar-Pei [Kansas Sam]

The vet got his silk dressing gown [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And a tube of Oil of Olay [scientist]

He also got bone: the last of the stock [Kansas Sam]

The empire thus was saved [anon]

from a flurry of bats in a ravenous flock [Hagfish]

dressed as courtesans, wholey depraved. [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, yog, Kansas Sam, scientist, anon, Hagfish.
Poem finished: 26th June 2003.