The Spoonbill Generator

A Reasonable Religion for Village Greens

Silver and brown were the eaves of the town [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And the shingles were straight in each row [Kansas Sam]

Like demoiselles fair gables leapt in the air [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And the chimney flue joined in the show [Kansas Sam]

The half-timbered beams all formed runes at the seams [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And the joists fell as proofreader's marks [Kansas Sam]

While the mullions and panes and the brass weathervanes [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Spelled a spill of Cyrillic remarks [Kansas Sam]

Upon the church spire was a gilt circumflex [anon]

Twelve Apostles stood grave and acute [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The streets were paved with double-entendre [anon]

So the cobbles were given the boot [Grayman]

and traded for tile tesselations from Spain. [mdb]

Those survived but a short month though, [scientist]

the design was complex, both concave and convex, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And hard to sustain, it did grow! [Anon.]

The Abbess did ponder, "How far will this wander? [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And still wandering, make sense though?" [Anon.]

In an opium haze I awake from a daze [anon]

And the smoke spells it out, crisp and clear: [Kansas Sam]

"Abandon all hope! You are now the new Pope!" [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Not exactly my kind of career... [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, Kansas Sam, anon, Grayman, mdb, scientist, Anon..
Poem finished: 26th June 2003.