The Spoonbill Generator

Car with Contrast Fetish

When young and old, the old and new [Paddy Raghunathan]

Come together, sparks do fly [scientist]

As a knife upon a grindstone [anon]

Or a firefly under a sledgehammer [Kansas Sam]

Or summer woods gone too dry [scientist]

And so our young hero does [Anon.]

our heroine, in the back seat [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

--the hero young, the heroine old-- [Paddy Raghunathan]

Believe me, that was no mean feat! [scientist]

Then passion loosed the parking brake [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

A sorry end to an enterprising rake......... [scientist]

Contributors: Paddy Raghunathan, scientist, anon, Kansas Sam, Anon., Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 24th June 2003.