The Spoonbill Generator

If You Could Falter

The glamour of a teaspoon [Roland]

The ego of a shoe [Hagfish]

The price of things which cost too much [P]

Or wear their hats askew [Roland]

The kudos of a hand-towel [mcb]

The merits of a hat [P]

The shame of items sold half-price [anon]

Like softdrink that's gone flat [mcb]

The id of an accordion [anon]

The "je ne sais pas" of chess [mcb]

The terror of an auctioneer [Roland]

Whose feet you must caress [mcb]

The inner life of doormats [Hagfish]

The schadenfreude of ice [mcb]

The eensy weensy tawdry woes [Hagfish]

Of a colony of lice [mcb]

Contributors: Roland, Hagfish, P, mcb, anon.
Poem finished: 23rd June 2003.