The Spoonbill Generator

Pickle My Creation

Welcome, fine folks, but please be more attentive! [Kansas Sam]

The emus and ostriches aren't what they seem [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

They may look stupid, but they're quite inventive [Anon.]

Gene-splicing new platypi (a monotreme). [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Welcome, weathered friend and amanuensis [Dael]

Come, have another absinthe while you wait. [Ruth]

We cater for the mind and all its senses, [Dael]

Your usual five, plus a six we'll create [Kansas Sam]

Gengineered baobab lofts high; this one bears fruit -- [Cait]

Half peach, half pelican, half plasticene [loaf]

Slowly commencing to transmute [Edgar]

Into a form which none have ever seen [VM]

You'll see them, my friends, if you pay a small sum [Kansas Sam]

Many inquire, but few brave souls come. [Elusis]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Anon., Dael, Ruth, Cait, loaf, Edgar, VM, Elusis.
Poem finished: 18th June 2003.