The Spoonbill Generator

Creases Rectified by Art

Steeped in the grime of ages [Roland]

Stands the once-proud sentinel [Beefy]

The guardian of these pages [Roland]

With rapier bent 'n'all [Barry Fairbairn]

Deep in its cobwebbed anguish [Roland]

Drones the once-played sackbut [Beefy]

The instrument of our languish [Kansas Sam]

Balm when our dreams go Phut [E Greejius]

Sleeping in draughty bowers [Beefy]

Dreams the once-famed senator [loaf]

The fall-guy for our hubris [E Greejius]

Wasting the lovelorn hours [loaf]

Leers the hard-boiled doxy [E Greejius]

Overdosed on gooseberries [loaf]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Barry Fairbairn, Kansas Sam, E Greejius, loaf.
Poem finished: 5th June 2003.