The Spoonbill Generator

Those Who Can't Defy

So many works, untitled and unsung [Beefy]

Heroic in their quiet mediocrity [Kansas Sam]

Grow mouldy in the mind, infect the tongue [Roland]

Bring quiet confusion to the thoughts of all [P]

Who by the hornet, Vanity, are stung [Roland]

Such varied themes, so many diverse styles [Beefy]

Tyrannized not by single mind [Kansas Sam]

Grow musty with age, in mental files [Grayman]

Bring syllabic profusion to drowning synapses [Kansas Sam]

Which, smiling, our Erato now beguiles [Beefy]

Some overstay, some meet with early axe [Kansas Sam]

Heroic in their sacrificial hopelessness [loaf]

Yet in their sense of Wisdom sadly lax - [Apsley]

Bring "One Fish Two Fish" no competition [Kansas Sam]

While beckoning, unencumbered by facts [Grayman]

Most coalesce, some never find their bones [Kansas Sam]

Tyrannized by style over substance [Grayman]

Yet giving stylish readers naught but groans - [Kansas Sam]

Bring revolution to the poets' graves [Beefy]

Each, wisely, capped with uncastable stones [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Beefy, Kansas Sam, Roland, P, Grayman, loaf, Apsley.
Poem finished: 16th May 2003.